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1) _____ channel of Communication is called grapevine.

A) Formal
B) Informal
C) Horizontal
D) None of the above

2) When a marketing executives prepares a sales report for the Vice - president marketing, we may call it _______ communication.

A) Horizontal
B) Upward
C) Downward
D) Lateral

3) Which factors shape attitude?

A) Food & language
B) Food & attire
C) Education & personal experience
D) Nonverbal

4) A _____ is a type of Oral presentation.

A) Conference 
B) Seminar 
C) Only A
D) Both A & B

5) The belief in the superiority of one’s own race is known as 

A) ethnic 
B) ethics 
C) Stereotype 
D) Ethnocentrism

6) Checklist to improve intercultural Communication is is ________.

A) Avoid assumptions 
B) Avoid judgements
C) empathies
D) All of the above

7) The downward Communication flow from _________.

A) a subordinate to a subordinate
B) a subordinate to a superior
C) a superior to a superior 
D) a superior to a subordinate

8) Realizing the potential of the self is part of the __________.

A) Communication development
B) Personality development
C) Skill development
D) Language development

9) Communication across cultures is known as _______.

A) Informal communication 
B) Intercultural Communication
C) Miscommunication 
D) Corporate Communication

10) Gelatin Duplicators use

A) Wax coated gelatin and stencils
B) gelatin tray of glazed paper
C) small print gelatin
D) photographic gelatin

11) EDP stands for

A) Electronic Data pitoning 
B) Electronic Data passing
C) Electronic Data processing 
D) Entrepreneurial Development programme

12) In an interview if you do not know the answer, you should:

A) admit 
B) bluff 
C) remain silent 
D) keep guessing

13) _______is not a visual aid.

A) Power point presentation 
B) Chart
C) Microphone 
D) Photographs

14) ________ is not important while making an oral presentation.

A) Correct body language 
B) Eye contact
C) Money
D) Notecards

15) _______ is an essential precondition for self-development.

A) Negative attitude
B) Positive attitude 
C) Self-awareness 
D) Persuasion

16) The primary aim of self-development is to ______ the positive personality traits of an individual.

A) eliminate 
B) shape & enhance
C) neutralise
D) recognize

17) LAN and WAN are ______ in computer.

A) Software 
B) Hardware
C) Network 
D) Browser 

18) During an interview a candidate should __________.

A) Use jargon and slang 
B) listen carefully
C) Criticize former employee 
D) give hurried answers.

19) What is the responsibility of the interviewer from the below given options

A) Should try to make the interviewee comfortable at the beginning of the interview.
B) He/she should not encourage the candidates in the interview.
C) He/she should fire a volley of questions till the end of the interview.
D) All of the above

20) A person who is well aware of his traits, feelings, and behavior _______

A) is a danger to society
B) can be an effective communicator
C) cannot be successful 
D) is arrogant and prudish

21) Advertisement is the best example of ________ communication.

A) Persuasive 
B) Verbal 
C) Non-verbal 
D) Micro-cultural

22) Exit interview is

A) seeking information from an employee who is leaving the organization.
B) selecting employee
C) guiding employee 
D) correcting employee

23) Candidates should avoid _______ during a job interview.

A) being discourteous 
B) using pompous language
C) Folding hands
D) all of the above

24) Why should I select you? Is a _________ interview question.

A) challenging question 
B) closed question
C) hypothetical question
D) tricky question

25) ‘l am good at negotiation’ is a _____.

A) strength
B) opportunity
C) weakness 
D) threat

26) Choose the inappropriate answer.

A) 'I do not have any weakness’ 
B) ‘l am trying to think of a weakness that I may have’
C) ‘l am not good at teamwork’
D) All of the above

27) The paperless office has been made possible due to ______.

A) Calculators 
B) Cell-phones 
C) Computers 
D) telephones

28) ______ is called the best type of listening.

A) Insensitive listening 
B) Sensitive listening
C) Active listening 
D) Projective listening

29) Groups that co exist within the main stream society are called ________.

A) Micro cultural 
B) Macro cultural
C) Netiquette
D) Multicultural

30) ______ is a set of rules of manner and conduct while using the internet.

C) Netiquette 
D) Etiquette

31) Identify from the options given below the type of listening based on the participation of receiver.

A) Sensitive Listening
B) Listening for specific information
C) Listening for inference
D) Emphatic Listening

32) What is the one word for a speech presented by an individual?

A) Dialect
B) Dialogue
C) Monolith
D) Monologue

33) Identify from the options given below, the word in which consonant sound becomes silent during pronunciation.

A) 'b' as in climb
B) 'g' as in brag
C) 'p' as in gypsy
D) 'a' as in bare

34) Formal Channels of communication in an organization are designated and controlled by __________

A) Management 
B) Subordinate Staff 
C) Media 
D) Employees

35) With which of the following options is the Statement - "During oral presentations speakers sometimes tend to present things in an exaggerated style”, associated with _______

A) Pre-requisites of Oral Presentations 
B) Disadvantages of Oral Presentations
C) Advantages of Oral Presentations
D) Components of Oral Presentations

36) With which of the following component, according to social psychologists is attitude associated?

A) Cognitive component 
B) Altitude component
C) Neurological component
D) Paradigm component

37) Which of the following songs can be associated with grapevine?

A) I heard it to the grapevine by Beetles
B) I heard it through grapevine by Marvin Gaye and Gladys Knight.
C) I heard it through grapevine by Gad Martin and Knight Glade.
D) I heard it through grapes and wines by Elton John and Caxton.

38) Which of the following options can be termed as a netiquette?

A) Avoid prioritizing the need for information. 
B) Avoid editing e-mails before sending them.
C) Avoid Composing compact and meaningful messages.
D) Avoid not giving space between the sentences of the message.

39) Why should a Candidate gather information about the position for a job interview?

A) To answer question “Why do you want to join this organization"?
B) To answer questions related to the roles and responsibilities in the organization.
C) To answer questions related to the offered salary. 
D) To show interest in the organization.

40) In which of the following cultures is silence perceived as a negative trait?

A) Gulf Culture
B) Western Culture
C) Eastern cultural
D) Middle East Culture
41) With which of the following options is the ‘Five - K approach' associated?

A) SWOT Analysis
B) Oral Presentations
C) Job Application
D) Job Interviews

42) Identify and mark the limitation of formal communication from the options given below.

A) Formal communication is not dry
B) Formal communication can be affected by Redtapism
C) Formal Communication ensures smooth
D) Formal communication is based on organisational needs and Objectives

43) Read the given situation and identify the Weakness from the options given below....
Nishita is a 21year old sincere graduate. Her parents want her to give up Studies and go for job to the family.

A) Nishita should not take up a job.
B) Nishita's family faces financial crunch.
C) Nishita should take up a job 
D) Nishita is a young graduate

44) Why are Grievance Interviews conducted?

A) To seek information from an employee who is leaving.
B) To discourage dissatisfactory organizational behavior.
C) To listen complaints of employees in an organization.
D) To encourage grievances.

45) Which one of the following options is not a barrier to listening?

A) Avoiding listening to complex information.
B) Being distracted.
C) Avoiding the assumption that speaker is giving unimportant information.
D) Being pre-judgmental about the speaker.

46) Read the following statements, then choose the most appropriate option from those given below.
Statement A : Organizations can exist without grapevine.
Statement B : Grapevine negates the need for an outlet of one’s apprehensions.

A) Both the Statements : A & B are incorrect.
B) Only Statement B is correct.
C) Both the Statements : A & B are correct. 
D) Only Statement Ais correct.

47) Identify and mark from the following options, the one which is the characteristic of Gossip.

A) Gossip is always unsubstantiated. 
B) Gossip is a hearsay of a personal nature.
C) Gossip is always predesigned.
D) Gossip is not a tool in the hands of the employees and management.

48) The popular perception that Germans are reserved, formal and blunt, is an example of _______

A) Archetype 
B) Ethnocentrism 
C) Stereotype 
D) Regionalism

49) What does the division of the speaker's body weight equally between both the feet indicate about the speaker?

A) The speaker is comfortable. 
B) The speaker is not prepared.
C) The speaker is in hurry. 
D) The speaker is nervous.

50) Read the given situation and identify the most appropriate Opportunity for Rashmi.
Rashmi has been working for 15 years as a typist to provide for her old mother. She is not computer sawy and her company is going for complete digitalization.

A) Rashmi should look for another job.
B) Rashmi should give up the present job.
C) Rashmi should support her mother.
D) Rashmi should learn computers.

51) The village men who killed the tiger were garlanded with which flowers?

A) Rose
B) Chrysanthernum
C) Jasmin
D) None

52) The village man were seated on which thing?

A) Chair
B) Table
C) Arch of the highest bullock card
D) Rock

53) What were carried on bullock drawn open cart?

A) Trophy
B) Tiger
C) Villagers 
D) Trophy & Dead tiger

54) The tiger's tail was trailing the dust T or F

A) T
B) F
C) Can't say
D) Partly true

55) The talkative man patted author & other villagers from behind and cried by saying...

A) What a wonderful tiger was
B) Lost in wonder
C) Man - eater tiger
D) King of the forest

56) The talkative man sat on rock mound & under which tree to begin his story?

A) Mango
B) Margosa
C) Ficus tree
D) Tamarind

57) Why did talkative man go to desolate forest?

A) For tracking
B) For hunting
C) For company work
D) For hunting tiger

58) What was the work of talkative man?

A) He was forester
B) He was teacher
C) He was agent of soil fertilizer company
D) Writer

59) Read the following sentences.

i. The talkative man had to be on the road for twenty five days in a month
ii. The talkative man hide himself under a tree to project him self

A) Only 1st is true
B) Only 2nd is true
C) Both are true
D) Both are false

60) How many houses & streets were there in koppal?

A) Forty houses & three streets
B) Forty houses & two streets
C) Only five
D) None 

61) The koppal village was ______ & ______.

A) Small & developed
B) Dingy & depressing
C) Small and dingy
D) Big and developed

62) Choose the most appropriate answer to the job interview questions - 'what is your weakness'?

A) I tend to miss minute details at times though i am trying to be attentive.
B) l am trying to think of one that I may have. 
C) I do not have one.
D) I am not good at team work but, good at controlling.

63) Which of the following options contributes in improving intercultural Communication?

A) Avoid considering other's customs as inferior
B) Avoid empathizing with the cultural differences
C) Be judgmental about Cultural differences
D) Be rigid about the cultural assumptions

64) Which will be the most appropriate answer in a job interview when the candidate does not have the an to the question asked?

A) Please enlighten me. 
B) l am sorry, I do not understand the question.
C) I know the answer but cannol express.
D) l am sorry, I am not able recollect the answer.

65) According to Nishiyama the cultural element that formulates the first impression of the Japanese person belonging to any other community is ______

A) Perception of time & attitude towards religion
B) Brands and prices of clothes and accessories
C) Food and dressing habits
D) Greetings and shakehands

66) identify the most important characteristic of Performance appraisal interview from the options given be 

A) Evaluates employability skills
B) Instructs employees to mend their behavior
C) Evaluates the on job performance of the employees
D) Selects new employees

67) With which of the following terms is ‘What's-in-it-for-me’ rule associated in oral presentations?

A) Audience Analysis 
B) Data Collection 
C) Preparing Outline 
D) Defining Objective

68) Choose the inappropriate answer to the job interview question - ‘Tell me something about yourself'.

A) l am Jignesh Patel and my father is in railways and my mother is a homemaker.
B) My name is Jignesh Patel, I am sincere and hardworking.
C) l am Jignesh Patel from The Mahraja Sayajirao University of Baroda.
D) l am Jignesh Patel and I am a B.Com student

69) Read the following situation and identify Mr. Mehta's biggest strength.
Mr. Mehta is a fifty-two- year old engineer for twenty five years. He got an Opportunity to work abroad from the company but has ailing bedridden parents.

A) Mr. Mehta is an engineer.
B) Mr. Mehta is fifty two years old.
C) Mr. Mehta got an opportunity to work abroad.
D) Mr. Mehta is an engineer for twenty five years.

70) Fill in the blank : Self development brings about the ________.

A) Denial of self-esteem.
B) Alleviation of self-esteem.
C) Enhancement of self-esteem. 
D) Disillusioning of self-esteem.

71) Read the following statements and then choose the most appropriate option from those given below:

Statement A: Grapevine Communication can lead to information distortion.

Statement B : Grapevine Communication may lead to filtering of information.

A) Both the Statements A & B are correct. 
B) Only Statement B is correct.
C) Only Statement A is correct
D) Both the Statements A & B are incorrect.

72) The influence of interactions with teachers and colleagues on an individual's attitude is the example of...

A) Traditional influences 
B) Background influences
C) Parental influence
D) Social and peer influences

73) Identify the most appropriate option from those given below regarding the steps of preparing oral presentations.

A) Defining Objective ---> Preparing Outline ---> Audience Analysis ---> Data
B) Preparing Outline ---> Audience Analysis ---> Data Collection > Defining Collection Objective
C) Defining Objective ---> Audience ---> Data Collection ---> Preparing Outline
D) Audience Analysis ---> Defining Objective Analysis ---> Data Collection ---> Preparing Outline

74) What does the image given below indicate and signify?

A) Probability chain grapevine. 
B) Cluster neh grapevine.
C) Single strand grapevine. 
D) Gossip chain grapevine.

75) Identify from the given options the one sentence which will be used to introduce oneself.

A) Pleased to meet you, he is Rishabh Modi.
B) Hi! How are you?
C) Have you met Angha? She is the marketing manager.
D) It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Nirad Panchal.

76) Read the sentence given below and choose the language function that it indicates.

It sounds doable.

A) Introducing yourself
B) Introducing others
C) How to say 'yes'
D) How to say 'no'

77) What is the full name of RK Narayan?

A) Rajan Krishnan Narayanprasad
B) Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami
C) Rasipuram Krishnan Iyer Narayan
D) Rasipuram Krishnan Narayanswami

78) Choose from the following options the man eater in the short story- The Tiger's Claws.

A) The Talkative Man
B) RK Narayan
C) Porter
D) Tiger

79) Identify the adjective from the sentence given below and choose the most appropriate option from those given underneath.

The fact is that the soup offered is not edible.

A) That
B) Soup
C) Edible
D) Fact

80) Reading includes...

A) Words meaning in context literal comprehension
B) drawing inference
C) Interpret interpretation metaphor
D) all

81) What was the name of book published by H. Palmer?

A) Reading skill & habit
B) Tech of reading
C) the scientific study and teaching of language

82) According to H. Palmer which is best reading?

A) Extensive reading
B) Intensive reading
C) skimming
D) scanning

83) Study line to line and refer at very moment to the dictionary about the grammar is called _____ reading

A) Intensive reading
B) extensive reading
C) skimming
D) scanning

84) Intensive reading may be described as reading in detail with specific learning aims & tasks. True or false.

A) True
B) False
C) Can't say
D) partly true

85) Intensive reading emphasis on

A) Deconstructing sentences to understand gramma
B) syntax & rules
C) Extricate the detail of the topic
D) all

86) Who is considered as prominent scholar of language teaching?

A) John Macalister
B) H. Palmar
C) William
D) Moran

87) Four learning goals of intensive reading includes

A) Focusing on structure of new language
B) focusing on idea and themes
C) Learning new skill as making inference
D) All

88) What was the name of the forest where the tiger used to live in the short story- The Tiger's Claws?

A) Koppal
B) Mempi
C) Kanpur
D) Memphi

89) Read the sentence given below and identify the type of sentence that it signifies from the options given underneath.

Amit did not attend the meeting.

A) Declarative Sentence
B) Imperative Sentence
C) Interrogative Sentence
D) Exclamatory Sentence

90) Identify an adverb from the sentence given below and choose the most appropriate option from those given underneath.

Anupam shouted loudly to attract people's attention.

A) Shouted
B) Attract
C) Loudly
D) Attention

91) Choose the meaning of the adjective Dingy from the options given below.

A) Light
B) Gloomy
C) Lurch
D) Sudden

92) Identify the closed question from the options given below.

A) Why did you leave the car?
B) Is there any news?
C) How did this happen?
D) Where is the venue?

93) Identify an independent clause from the following options.

A) Although I am hungry
B) I can wait a few hours more
C) Whoever is doing this
D) When I came back from the shop

94) Identify the adjective in the sentence given below and choose from the options given underneath.
He has used meaningless sentences to express his anger.

A) Used
B) Express
C) Meaningless
D) Anger

95) Read the statements given below and identify the correct option from those given underneath.

A. The goal of intensive reading is to read in detail with specific learning aims.
B. Focus of intensive reading is on themes and topics of the text.

A) Only statement A is correct.
B) Only statement B is correct
C) Both the statements A and B are correct.
D) Both the statements A and B are incorrect.

96) Choose the correct option from the following that denotes the objective of extensive reading.

A) Obtaining pleasure from the text
B) Having deeper understanding of the text
C) Making inferences from the text
D) Identifying the main ideas in the text

97) Identify the technique of reading from the options given below.

A) Predicting
B) Skimming
C) Previewing
D) Word association

98) Identify the style of reading from the options given below.

A) Scanning
B) Skimming
C) Questioning
D) Informing

99) Fill in the blank: Scanning helps to get an _______ of the text.

A) Focus
B) Technique
C) Overview
D) Analysis

100) What is the full form of Q in SQ4R technique of reading?

A) Quorum
B) Quora
C) Question
D) Quest

101) Identify the author of the short story- The Eyes Have It from the following options.

A) RK Narayan
B) Rushdie Bond
C) Ruskin Bond
D) James Bond

102) Fill in the blank: The idiom- Crocodile Tears is an example of ________.

A) Figurative idiom
B) Prepositional idiom
C) Verbal idiom
D) Clausal idiom

103) Fill in the blank: The idiom put up with him is an example of__________.

A) Figurative idiom
B) Prepositional idiom
C) Pronoun idiom
D) Noun idiom

104) Identify a complex sentence from the following options.

A) We are defeated but not disgraced.
B) The match was cancelled.
C) I knew that he is a fraud.
D) She informed me.

105) Choose the meaning of the idiom- to cook the books from the given options.

A) Useless search
B) Falsify financial records
C) Destroy someone's reputation
D) Possess bookish knowledge

106) Choose from the following options the meaning of the word-Confusion.

A) Falsify
B) Decide
C) Uncertainty
D) Unfortunate

107) Fill in the blank: Reading comprehension can be improved by ____________.

A) Predicting
B) Viewing
C) Marking
D) Resorting

108) Where was the girl in the story- The Eyes Have It going to get off?

A) Dehra
B) Dehradun
C) Mussoorie
D) Saharanpur

109) Choose the most appropriate meaning of the word-Gallant from the options given below.

A) Brave
B) Humble
C) Modest
D) Rage

110) How did she describe the blind man?

A) You are very gallant
B) You are very fool
C) You are blind
D) You are Coward

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