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1) _____ channel of Communication is called grapevine.

A) Formal
B) Informal
C) Horizontal
D) None of the above

2) When a marketing executives prepares a sales report for the Vice - president marketing, we may call it _______ communication.

A) Horizontal
B) Upward
C) Downward
D) Lateral

3) Which factors shape attitude?

A) Food & language
B) Food & attire
C) Education & personal experience
D) Nonverbal

4) A _____ is a type of Oral presentation.

A) Conference 
B) Seminar 
C) Only A
D) Both A & B

5) The belief in the superiority of one’s own race is known as 

A) ethnic 
B) ethics 
C) Stereotype 
D) Ethnocentrism

6) Checklist to improve intercultural Communication is is ________.

A) Avoid assumptions 
B) Avoid judgements
C) empathies
D) All of the above

7) The downward Communication flow from _________.

A) a subordinate to a subordinate
B) a subordinate to a superior
C) a superior to a superior 
D) a superior to a subordinate

8) Realizing the potential of the self is part of the __________.

A) Communication development
B) Personality development
C) Skill development
D) Language development

9) Communication across cultures is known as _______.

A) Informal communication 
B) Intercultural Communication
C) Miscommunication 
D) Corporate Communication

10) Gelatin Duplicators use

A) Wax coated gelatin and stencils
B) gelatin tray of glazed paper
C) small print gelatin
D) photographic gelatin

11) EDP stands for

A) Electronic Data pitoning 
B) Electronic Data passing
C) Electronic Data processing 
D) Entrepreneurial Development programme

12) In an interview if you do not know the answer, you should:

A) admit 
B) bluff 
C) remain silent 
D) keep guessing

13) _______is not a visual aid.

A) Power point presentation 
B) Chart
C) Microphone 
D) Photographs

14) ________ is not important while making an oral presentation.

A) Correct body language 
B) Eye contact
C) Money
D) Notecards

15) _______ is an essential precondition for self-development.

A) Negative attitude
B) Positive attitude 
C) Self-awareness 
D) Persuasion

16) The primary aim of self-development is to ______ the positive personality traits of an individual.

A) eliminate 
B) shape & enhance
C) neutralise
D) recognize

17) LAN and WAN are ______ in computer.

A) Software 
B) Hardware
C) Network 
D) Browser 

18) During an interview a candidate should __________.

A) Use jargon and slang 
B) listen carefully
C) Criticize former employee 
D) give hurried answers.

19) What is the responsibility of the interviewer from the below given options

A) Should try to make the interviewee comfortable at the beginning of the interview.
B) He/she should not encourage the candidates in the interview.
C) He/she should fire a volley of questions till the end of the interview.
D) All of the above

20) A person who is well aware of his traits, feelings, and behavior _______

A) is a danger to society
B) can be an effective communicator
C) cannot be successful 
D) is arrogant and prudish

21) Advertisement is the best example of ________ communication.

A) Persuasive 
B) Verbal 
C) Non-verbal 
D) Micro-cultural

22) Exit interview is

A) seeking information from an employee who is leaving the organization.
B) selecting employee
C) guiding employee 
D) correcting employee

23) Candidates should avoid _______ during a job interview.

A) being discourteous 
B) using pompous language
C) Folding hands
D) all of the above

24) Why should I select you? Is a _________ interview question.

A) challenging question 
B) closed question
C) hypothetical question
D) tricky question

25) ‘l am good at negotiation’ is a _____.

A) strength
B) opportunity
C) weakness 
D) threat

26) Choose the inappropriate answer.

A) 'I do not have any weakness’ 
B) ‘l am trying to think of a weakness that I may have’
C) ‘l am not good at teamwork’
D) All of the above

27) The paperless office has been made possible due to ______.

A) Calculators 
B) Cell-phones 
C) Computers 
D) telephones

28) ______ is called the best type of listening.

A) Insensitive listening 
B) Sensitive listening
C) Active listening 
D) Projective listening

29) Groups that co exist within the main stream society are called ________.

A) Micro cultural 
B) Macro cultural
C) Netiquette
D) Multicultural

30) ______ is a set of rules of manner and conduct while using the internet.

C) Netiquette 
D) Etiquette.

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