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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Macro economic theory mcqs with answers sem 3



1. The scope of macro economics is connected with the following:

(a) The growth theory 
(b) The theory of profit
(c) The utility theory
(d) The theory of price determination

2. Which of the following is a transfer income

(a) salary 
(b) wages 
(c) rent
(d) pension

3. Transfer payment is included in personal income accounting because:

(a) It can be calculated properly
(b) It is a part of national income
(c) It is a receipt
(d) It is earned income

4. An example of double counting in national income is

(a) salary paid to manager and worker 
(b) tax revenue and salary of income tax officer
(c) output of yam and output of textile 
(d) water output and coal output

5. Household sector is mainly a unit of

(a) Production 
(b) Exchange
(c) Consumption
(d) Savings

6. Which of the following is not a withdrawal 

(a) Imports 
(b) Savings
(c) Taxes
(d) Government expenditure

7. I-S/Y is defined as 

(a) Average propensity to consume 
(b) Average propensity to save
(c) Marginal propensity to consume 
(d) Marginal propensity to save

8. The consumption function shows the relationship between

(a) MPC and MPS
(b) APC and APS
(c) Income and Consumption
(d) Saving & Income

9. If MPC is 0.4 and income increase by Rs.1,000 crs, then the saving will increased by

(a) Rs. 6150 crs
(d) Rs. 7500 crs
(c) Rs. 6000 crs
(d) Rs. 600 crs

10. Which of the following is not correct? 

(a) Personnel Income + Personal Tax = Disposable income
(b) GNP = NNP - Depreciation 
(c) Disposable income - Consumption = Savings
(d) NNP + Depreciation = NDP

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