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MCQS - 50

(1) What are the two types of research data?

(a) Primary and secondary 
(b) Predictive and quantitative 
(c) Qualitative and predictive
(d) Qualitative and quantitative

(2) Marketing Research helps in ............ 

(a) Identification of problem 
(b) Solution of Problem
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) Beautification of the problem

(3) Sources of marketing information are categorized into two groups-what are they

(a) External sources, internal sources
(b) Macro environmental sources
(c) Causal resources
(d) None of the above

(4) Which of the following activities are not covered by the marketing research?

(a) Pricing policies
(b) Distribution Policies
(c) Promotional policies
(d) primitive policies 

(5) The first step in the marketing research is to .............. 

(a) Develop the research plan
(b) Define the problem and research objectives
(c) Collect the information
(d) Preparation of advertisement copy

(6) Research on distribution policies does not include ......

(a) Inventory control 
(b) transport cost 
(c) Storage cost 
(d) None of the above

(7) Product research covers

(a) Ascertaining extent of price modification
(b) Studying the price policy and strategies of the competitor
(c) Research on causes and extent of customer dissatisfaction
(d) Measuring advertising effectiveness

(8) Pricing policy research is concerned

(a) Policies regarding prices
(b) Policies regarding discounts
(c) Policies regarding allowances
(d) All of the above

(9) MIS involves an ............... 

(a) On-going process
(b) Irregular activity
(c) Off-going process
(d) None of the above 

(10) Data that is freshly gathered for a specific purpose is called 

(a) Behavioral data 
(b) Primary Data 
(c) Syndicated data
(d) Secondary data

(11) The .............  scale is unique bipolar ordinal scale format that captures attitudes or feelings about a given object.

(a) Likert
(b) Semantic differential
(c) Liking
(d) Ordinal

(12) Which of the following are advantages of telephonic Interview except.

(a) Fast data collection
(b) Low cost 
(c) Ease of generating large volumes of data
(d) Ability to collect in-depth information relevant to all types of research concern.

(13) ............... research is a formalized precess of binging a small group of people together for an interactive spontaneous discussion on one particular topic or concept.

(a) Projective 
(b) Focus group 
(c) Role playing
(d) Role reversal

(14) Rating scales can be

(a) Graphic rating scales
(b) Numerical scale
(c) Both (a) & (b) 
(d) None of the above

(15) Independent variable is to dependent variable as

(a) Effect is to cause
(b) Predictor is to criterion
(c) Cause is to effect 
(d) Criterion is to predictor

(16) Which type of scale requires respondent to respond to an item based on whether they strongly disagree agree or strongly agree.

(a) Likert
(b) Ranking scales 
(c) Semantic differential
(d) None of the above

(17) The open ended question means

(a) It provides mote than five alternatives
(b) It provides only two alternative
(c) The question does not pose alternatives
(d) All of the above

(18) Primary daa carbe collected by the

(a) Researcher himself/herself
(b) Any investigator appointed by researcher
(c) Both A & b
(d) None of the above

(19) In marketing research process, preparation of research report is the .......... step

(a) Third 
(b) Last
(c) First
(d) All of the above

(20) Organization of marketing research function is influenced by........... 

(a) Size of the firm
(b) Nature of the business
(c) Complexity of the research activities
(d) All of above

(21) Which of the following is the most critical aspect in marketing research process ?

(a) Determine Information requirement
(b) identify sample size
(c) Prepare Sources of data
(d) Prepare Research Design

(22) which of the following types of research is best suited to develop an understanding of why certain market phenomena occur as they do?

(a) Casual research
(b) Secondary research
(c) Exploratory research
(d) Descriptive research

(23) The type of research conducted by marketers to gain an insight about a problem, is

(a) Exploratory study 
(b) Descriptive study 
(c) Experimental study 
(d) Conclusive study

(24) Research that is designed to capture cause and effect relationships by eliminating competing explanations of observed findings is called ............ 

(a) Behavioral data
(b) Experimental Research
(c) Descriptive study
(d) None of the above

(25) One variable that is manipulated in an experimental study and its effect on another variable is measured is known as

(a) Independent variable
(b) Dependent variable
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above

(26) Descriptive research comes-under

(a) Exploratory research
(b) Conclusive research
(c) Casual research
(d) All of the above

(27) Basic design of Exploratory study is

(a) Flexible
(b) Rigid 
(c) Ongoing
(d) None of the above

(28) Primary data can be collected by

(a) Sampling method
(b) By observation 
(c) By conducting experiment 
(d) All of the above

(29) The choice between primary and secondary data depends mainly on the

(a) Appropriateness of the data to the objectives of the investigation
(b) Easy availability of data
(c) Desire of the investigator
(d) All of the above

(30) Personal interview should be carried out in

(a) Unstructured way
(b) Structured way 
(c) Random way 
(d) Straight way

(31) The aggregate of all the units pertaining to study is called

(a) Population 
(b) Universe
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above

(32) Telephone survey is useful when the amount of information required is

(a) Relatively more
(b) Relatively limited
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of the above

(33) The most economical and fastest sources of information are generally provided by

(a) interviews 
(b) Secondary data
(c) Qualitative  data 
(d) None of the above

(34) A clear definition of the market research project is needed so that

(a) the decision maker is aware of the methods
(b) an appropriate method for carrying out the research can be chosen
(c) The researcher is aware of the results 
(d) None of the above

(35) which one of the following can affect market research? 

(a) the objectives of the sponsor
(b) available resources to conduct research
(c) the decision makers understanding of the problem
(d) all of the above

(36) Marketing research firms that are involved only in data collection are called :

(a) Syndicated service firms 
(b) Standardized service 
(c) Customized service firms 
(d) Field service firms

(37) A decision support system

(a) retrieves data, transforms it into information, and disseminates it to the user
(b) Organizes stores, and retrieves information
(c) gathers, sorts and analyzes information
(d) stores, analyses and sorts data.

(38) Which of the following is not true about the research process?

(a) It ensures that the stages of the research project will be independent of each other
(b) It is a systematic, planned approach
(c) it guides the project from conception to the final analysis and presentation of results
(d) It creates a consistency between the research design and the research purpose

(39) The difference between primary and secondary data centers on

(a) who collected data
(b) the variables the data describe 
(c) why the data was collected
(d) the richness of the data

(40) To find out the effect of price on sales of a particular brand, the most appropriate research design would be

(a) exploratory research 
(b) causal research
(c) descriptive research 
(d) primary Research

(41) Which of the following can be called exploratory research ?

(a) experiments
(b) observation
(c) case studies
(d) interviews

(42) To find out if the automobile purchased is related to the buyers' income, one would use

(a) descriptive research
(b) exploratory research
(c) causal research
(d) none of the above

(43) A research proposal does not generally contain

(a) definition of the problem 
(b) description of the research design
(c) expected results
(d) All of the above 

(44) Descriptive research can be defined as

(a) a research approach which is used when a researcher needs general insights into a problem
(b) an approach to determine cause and effect relationships
(c) a snapshot of some aspect of the marketing environment at a particular point in time
(d) an approach which isolates all causal factors

(45) One of the dangers of failing to do exploratory research is that of

(a) not being able to develop measurement scales
(b) not being able to make specific predictions
(c) researching the wrong hypothesis
(d) being unable to determine a causal relationship

(46) Descriptive research is routinely used to discover all of the following except

(a) how a product should be distributed
(b) Ney ideas and hypotheses
(c) how a product should be changed
(d) the target segment for a product 

(47) Which research approach(es) is/are more often guided by an initial hypothesis?

(a) exploratory and description research 
(b) Descriptive and causal research
(c) Causal research
(d) Descriptive research 

(48) Rainbow Airlines has experienced a continuing and unexplained declined in the number of tickets sold on its major routes from new York to San Francisco. You have been asked to give the Senior Vice-President of the marketing Division a report on the problem and to outline alternative courses of action for the airline to the take. How would you start?

(a) A survey of Rainbow Airlines' passengers
(b) Descriptive research
(c) A survey of passengers who patronize competing airlines 
(d) Exploratory research

(49) Choose the correct order:  

(a) Problem definition, development of an approach to the problem, research design formulation, report preparation & presentation
(b) Problem definition, data preparation, research design formulation, report preparation & pre- sensation
(c) Problem definition, data preparation, development of an approach to the problem, report preparation & presentation (d) Problem definition, research design formulation, development of an approach to the problem, report preparation & presentation

(50) Average weekly sales of parle-G biscuits from D' Mart for 2013 for parle would qualify as:

(a) Only primary data.
(b) Both primary and secondary data.
(c) Only secondary data.
(d) Neither primary nor secondary data.

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