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Sunday, February 14, 2021



MCQs = UNIT - 4

(1) IRDA stands for ……..

(a) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
(b) Industrial Development and development Authority
(c) Insurance Restructuring and Development Authority
(d) Insurance Refinancing and Development Authority

(2) On which rate method, the interest is charged on the full amount of the loan through- out the entire period of loan ?

(a) Fixed rate of interest 
(b) Floating rate of interest
(c) Flat rate of interest 
(d) Compound rate of interest

(3) Which type of loans have less prone to the risk of becoming NPA ?

(a) Retail loans
(b) Whole sale loans
(c) Gold loans
(d) Mortgage loans

(4) Which type of bank assets remained as NPA for a period exceeding 12 months

(a) standard assets 
(b) Sub standard assets
(c) Consortium banking 
(d) None of these

(5) E or S means

(a) East or South zone 
(b) Easy and Swift
(c) Either or Survivor 
(d) None of above

(6) Insurance service provided by various banks is commonly known as ....

(a) Investment Banking 
(b) Portfolio management
(c) merchant banking 
(d) Bancassurance

(7) Services offered by Retail Banking include ___________

(a) Savings & Transactional accounts 
(b) mortgages & personal loans
(c) Debit cards & Credit cards 
(d) All of the above

(8) Mutual Funds can be sold to existing bank customers by.

(a) Outdoor marketing 
(b) Telemarketing 
(c) Cross-selling 
(d) Internal Marketing

(9) Demat accounts are useful for ____.

(a) Online trading of shares 
(b) Locker operations
(c) ATMs 
(d) loan sanction

(10) Bancassurance means____________

(a) Banks promising to give loans 
(b) Bank promising to pay interest
(c) Banks selling insurance products 
(d) Assurance to repay loans

(11) EMI stands for:

(a) Earnest Monthly Instalment 
(b) Equated Money Instalment
(c) Equated Monthly Instalment 
(d) Equated Major Instalment

(12) Target group for home loans is

(a) Existing creditors 
(b) Persons having no house of their own
(c) Persons having one or more than one house 
(d) Builders

(13) NPA stands for ...................

(a) Net Planning Approach 
(b) Non-Performing Assets
(c) Non Planning Assets 
(d) Net Performing Assets

(14) Give the full form of SARFAESI Act.

(a) Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest
(b) Securitization and Revaluation of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest
(c) Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Encouragement of Security Interest
(d) Securitization and Realization of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest

(15) When was SARFAESI act passed in India ?

(a) 1990 
(b) 2000 
(c) 2002 
(d) 2005

(16) SARFAESI act was passed on the recommendation of

(a) Narsimha Committee II 
(b) Andhyarujina Committee
(c) Both A & B 
(d) None of these

(17) QIB stands for ..............

(a) Quality of Interest of Buyer 
(b) Qualified Institutional Buyers
(c) Qualified Industrial Buyers 
(d) Qualified Industrial Business

(18) ARC stands for ..............

(a) Assets Revaluation Companies 
(b) Assets Realization Companies
(c) Asset Reconstruction Companies 
(d) All Retail Companies

(19) DRT stands for ..............

(a) Debt Recovery Tribunal 
(b) Debt Revaluation Tribunal
(c) Debit Recovery Tribunal 
(d) Debt Realization Tribunal

(20) PTC stands for .............

(a) Past Through Certificate 
(b) Pass Through Certificate
(c) Pass Through Company 
(d) None of these

(21) SPV stands for .............

(a) Special Pass Vehicle 
(b) Special Policy Vehicle
(c) Special Purpose Vehicle 
(d) Social Purpose Vehicle

(22) CDO stands for .........

(a) Credit Debt Obligation 
(b) Collateral Debt Obligation
(c) Collateral Debit Obligation 
(d) None of these

(23) ABS stands for ...........

(a) Asset Backed Securities 
(b) Asset Bank Securities
(c) All Banking Securities 
(d) None of these

(24) The process of converting physical shares into an electronic form is known as .........

(a) Dematerialization 
(b) Rematerialization
(c) Both A & B 
(d) None of these

(25) Give the full form of DRF.

(a) Debit Recovery Form 
(b) Demat Request Form
(c) Demat Realization Form 
(d) Demat Relief Form

(26) DICGC stands for ................

(a) Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
(b) Deposit Insurance and Corporation Guarantee Credit
(c) Deposit Interest and Credit Guarantee Corporation 
(d) None of these

(27) .................. is the process of converting and breaking definable asset classes into tradable unit and selling to others through SPV.

(a) Securitization 
(b) Dematerialization 
(c) Rematerialization 
(d) None

(28) Bank selling the products other than banking products is called.........

(a) Retail Banking 
(b) Core Banking 
(c) Para Banking 
(d) Private Banking

(29) BO in retail banking stands for ...............

(a) Business Organization 
(b) Beneficiary Owner
(c) Banking Operation 
(d) Banking Owner

(30) Defaults may be .................

(a) Genuine Defaults 
(b) Willful Defaults 
(c) Both A & B 
(d) None of these

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