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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Principles Of Management Mcqs


18 JANUARY 2022

1. 'Each group of activities with the same objective must have one head and one plan'... is known as ____________.

A. Unity of command
B. Unity of Direction 
C. Order
D  Standardisation

2. Tactical Planning is also known as ___________.

A. Strategic planning
B. Operational planning
C. Corporate planning
D. Proactive planning

3. Relationship among Authority, Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting system of an organisation is known as ____________.

A. Organisation chart
B. Organisation structure
C. Span Of management
D. Delegation of Authority

4. Organising process includes one of the following: __________.

A. Grouping of activities
B. Prescribing disciplinary action
C. Determining objectives
D. Prescribing alternatives

5. Contribution on "Management Skills" is made by... 

A. Robert Kartz
B. Mintzberg
C. Peter Drucker
D. Robbins

6. Who among the following contribute concept of "Managerial Roles"?

A. Henry fayol
B. Robert Kartz
C. Mintzberg
D. F.W.Taylor

7. ___________ is concerned with macro aspect relating to decision with broad
implications for a large segment of the society.

A. Social responsibility
B. Business Ethics
C. Business Management
D. Business Environment

8. Which among the following is not comes under the main focus of TQM?

A. Business Ethics
B. Customer Satisfaction
C. Employee Involvement
D. Continuous Improvement

9. Need hierarchy theory of motivation has been given by __________. 

A. Maslow
B. Fayol
C. Taylor
D. Koontz

10. Controlling function finds out how far __________ deviates from standards.

A. Actual performance
B. Improvement
C. Corrective actions
D. Cost

11. Which among the following is not an appropriate principle in regard to Total Quality Management (TQM)?

A. Primary responsibility for Quality rest with Top Management
B. Quality requires Continuous improvement
C. Quality is concern with Empowerment of Employees
D. Quality to be ensured with inspection of finished product and taking corrective measures

12. Which of the following technique puts an attempt to bring balance between 'Cost of Idle Time' and 'Cost of Waiting Line'?

B. Queuing theory
C. Decision Tree Analysis
D. Game Theory

13. Management is considered as -

A. Art only
B. Profession
C. Pure science
D. Psudo science

14. Quality Circle is a group of __________.

A. Operatives
B. Supervisors
C. Management Trainee
D. Top management

15. Which among the following is not a
dysfunctional aspect of conflict in an

A. Disequilibrium in Organisation
B. Stress and Tension
C. Diversion of Energy
D. Group Cohesion

16. _________ is "the critical evaluation of plans, activities, and results, thereby providing information for the future action".

A. Strategic control
B. Operational Control
C. Tactical Control
D. Preventive control

17. Which among the following is not the correct statement in regard to Total Quality Management (TQM)?

A. It has intense locus on the customers
B. It is concern with continuous improvement
C. It is concern with Empowerment of Employees
D. It concentrates on stringent control over employees

18. As a person moves upward which of the nature of skill loses its application in relative manner as per Robert Kartz's 'Management skill' approach?

A. Conceptual skill
B. Technical Skill
C. Decision making skill
D. Interpersonal skill

19. Which among the following Theory of Leadership has identify major functions performed by leaders in a group?

A. Charismatic Theory
B. Trait Theory
C. Behavioural theory
D. Contingency Theory

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