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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Business English & Communication Mcqs


MCQS: 03-03-2022

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1. Choose from the following options the one word that will fit between- Mint and Mouse, using dictionary Skills

A. Mister 
B. Must
C. Much
D. Met

2. Choose from the following options one of the language functions.

A. Directive Function 
B. Assertive Function
C. Diplomatic Function
D. Coercive Function

3. Choose from the following options the synonym of the word-hurry.

A. Cover
B. Employ
C. Obtain
D. Hasten 

4. Identify the most appropriate pair from the following options that indicates types of Feedback.

A. Large and small 
B. Direct and indirect
C. High and low
D. Pre and post

5. Identify the verb in the following sentence: He returned from Germany last weekend.

A. Returned
B. he
C. Germany
D. Weekend

6. Fill in the blank: Formation of a new word by taking the initial of every word in a title or phrase is called __________.

A. Acronym
B. Homonym
C. Homophone
D. Homograph

7. What would you call the words which have the same spelling but, different meanings and pronunciations?

A. Homonyms
B. Homophones
C. Homostars
D. Homographs  

8. Fill in the blank: ________ decodes the message.

A. Sender  
B. Receiver 
C. Channel
D. Author 

9. Choose from the following options an example of intrapersonal communication.

A. Self Talk 
B. Meeting
C. Interview 
D. Dialogue

10. Fill in the blank: _________ comes from the Greek word haphe meaning touch.

A. Haptics 
B. Proxamics
C. Chronomics
D. Kinesics

11. Fill in the blank: Unwillingness to communicate on the part of subordinates is an example of _________ barrier.

A. Personal Barrier
B. Physical Barrier
C. Organisational Barrier
D. Semantic Barrier

12. The word dialect come from the ancient Greek word __________.

A. Dialektos 
B. Dial
C. Discuss
D. Discourse

13. "Why don't you come tomorrow ...Kal aa jao na...." is an example of __________.

A. Code mixing
B. Code switching 
C. Creole
D. Pidgin

14. Identify from the following options one of the factors that may become a Biological Barrier.

A. Migraine  
B. Lack of Focus
C. Personality Style
D. Attitude

15. Choose a blended word from the following options.

A. Compete
B. Brunch 
C. Break
D. Brisk

16. Fill in the blank: barriers are attributed to a person's health and fitness.

A. Physiological 
B. Psychological
C. Physical
D. Semantic

17. Choose a derived word from the following options.

A. Zigzag
B. Ticktock
C. Happiness 
D. Smog

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